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Why You Should Build Your Tech Career in Nashville


Nashville has long been famous for its musical heritage, food culture and Southern charm. But the creativity and innovation that lies at the heart of Music City is helping drive more than just artistic expression. Consistently ranking on lists of best places to live in the U.S., Nashville has a growing tech scene and an abundance of job openings for tech professionals.

As early as 2017, Nashville was recognized for its growing tech industry in a study by venture capitol firm BIP-Capital. Their report, The State of Startups in the Southeast, noted that $1.9 billion had been invested in startups in Tennessee since 2012. In Nashville, a large portion of these investments went into Healthcare IT, thanks in part to Nashville’s legacy as a health care powerhouse.

More recently, a report by Middle Tennessee State University and the Nashville Technology Council, found that tech jobs in Middle Tennessee grew by 30 percent between to 2012 and 2017. This growth outpaced the national growth in tech jobs by 10 percent, and overall job growth in the area by 15 percent. According to the report, these numbers will only continue to grow, with jobs in IT expected to increase by 16 percent through 2022.

Are you searching for a new job in tech? There’s no doubt that Nashville is a great place to build your tech career. Here are three reasons why you should look for your next IT opportunity in Music City.

A History of Industry

While Nashville is probably best known for its music industry and entertainment entrepreneurs, the city also has an impressive history in healthcare. More than 50 years ago, Health Corporation of America, the largest hospital chain in the U.S., launched in Nashville. Now a Fortune 500 company and leader of medical innovation, HCA remains rooted in Nashville and forms the core of the city’s huge healthcare industry. This, in turn, has led the city to become a hub for healthcare ventures and new healthcare technologies. In addition to this direct impact, hundreds of other business have grown in the city because of the needs created by the vast healthcare complex. All these businesses offer opportunities in healthcare IT and related tech jobs not found in other cities.

Beyond healthcare and music, other tech companies have also found success in Nashville. One of the best-known examples is Emma, the email marketing company, which was founded in the city in 2003. Since then, the Nashville tech startup scene has continued to grow, even attracting some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs tired of the distortions that tech has created on the west coast. Nashville, in contrast, offers a laid-back vibe, rich culture, and professional diversity.

A Growing Tech Scene

Thanks to established industries and a strong startup culture, Nashville has become an increasingly popular choice for tech companies who value the access to veteran tech founders and investors that the city provides. The state of Tennessee has also focused on providing a welcoming environment to tech entrepreneurs whose efforts bring jobs to the area and drive economic growth.

According to the Middle Tennessee State University report produced in 2018, the growth of the city’s tech industry has greatly increased the need for software developers, programmers, operations analysts and computer support specialist. As a result, the report found that more than 46,000 people were employed in tech in Middle Tennessee and thousands of new unique tech jobs were posted to Nashville job boards each month. In total, more than 260 industries in the area employed tech workers during 2017.

Best of all, tech jobs in Nashville come with an additional benefit: an average salary significantly higher than other occupations in the area. According to the report, tech salaries were 96 percent above the median compensation of other Nashville area jobs, and tech workers in management roles led the area with an average salary of $113,961. With an increasing need for tech professionals with specialized skills as well as those to support the area’s established industries, Nashville is a great place to build your tech career.

The Charms of Music City

Nashville offers lots of IT opportunities for tech workers looking for a new career challenge or a change of scenery. Yet, it’s also what Nashville offers beyond the workplace that draws many people to this southern city. Best known as the home of country music and honky-tonks, as well as famous venues like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville has a vibe all its own. Currently ranking at number 15 on U.S. News’ Best Places to Live, Nashville also boasts an affordable cost of living and housing, low unemployment rates, and great weather year-round.

The city also offers abundant cultural and entertainment options. With live music available daily, outdoor and family friendly activities, professional sports teams to cheer for, and a growing foodie culture, Nashville has something for everyone.

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