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Why Our Interns Always Remember Their IDR Internship

Right now, there’s no better time to get into IT sales and recruiting. The IT staffing market itself is predicted to become a $29.1 billion industry in 2016 and we at IDR want to be miles ahead of the competition. Our internship program is just one of the ways we’re doing that.

Not only does it help us find the next generation of sales aces, but it gives every participant a one-of-a-kind experience to help cultivate their sales career. Here’s how.

The IDR Internship in a Nutshell

From day one, the IDR internship program prepares interns to be a sales and recruiting success story.  There’s no time wasted running for coffee or doing needless busy work. All of our interns are given the chance to dig into the complete sales cycle and learn in a hands-on way.

Our eight week internship program is broken down into recruiting and sales. Throughout the process, our interns work alongside experienced IDR team members who guide them and give them the chance to take the reins.

Whether screening, interviewing, and submitting candidates for actual positions or setting sales meetings with powerful business executives, our interns are fully active and their in-depth training readies them for the work of sales and recruiting. Yet there’s more that the IDR interns take away from the experience than mastery of the IT staffing business.

Invaluable Lessons Learned by the IDR Team

A good job does more than just teach you how to work there. It imparts lessons that can be used anywhere and we find that our interns have no shortage of amazing takeaways.

Leah of our Nashville office said, “I have always thought of myself as having great communication skills. However, my internship allowed me to further develop my communication skills and make them exceptional. I was regularly speaking with managers and VPs of Fortune 500 companies.”

Ariel of our Nashville office said, “With job openings, candidates, or even clients, everything could change in a split second. You need to be prepared to act quickly and take action when necessary and that is something IDR really values.”

The beauty of our internship program is that you’ll never hear a standard answer. That’s because our internship program, though structured to address every major sales and recruiting skill, fosters the future growth of the people involved.

Why Working at IDR Is Worthwhile

We never want any internship to be a one way street. If we’re reaping all of the benefits and our interns get nothing, then our program wouldn’t be worth the effort. Interns in our program gain valuable work experience that can translate to jobs anywhere. However, we want every participant in our internship program to take away more than that.

For starters, the effort our interns put into the program can pay off in dividends. Any placement that our interns make can earn them $500 in commission and any qualified job requirements they gather from clients can earn them $50. Best of all, we make it relatively simple to achieve if they are hitting all the program goals:

In the end, the financial rewards can build up to a considerable stack of cash.

More than cash, we want our interns to feel the experience was worthwhile and you’d be hard pressed to hear anything but positive words. The atmosphere is engaging, the people are fun, and the connections made can last a lifetime.

Charlene of our Dallas office said, “My Dallas crew is the reason I’ve been successful in this internship. Their constant support and encouragement never allowed me to be down or discouraged.” Lola of our Nashville said, “Everyone is so fun and outgoing it made it so easy to work here. Everyone seems to get along and help out when one person is struggling.”

Though this one is coming to an end, there are other opportunities to get involved with the IDR internship program. If you want to be part of an unforgettable experience, check out our career page today and we can help you get your career started on the right path.

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