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What You Need to Know If You Want the Best Denver IT Jobs

Denver is an incredible place to make a home for your IT career. As a city, it’s perfect for people who live active lifestyles, enjoy craft beer, or appreciate a more balanced life. As an IT community, the Mile High City reminds us you don’t need to live in the Bay Area to contribute to exciting projects. The right Denver IT jobs can provide you with landmark career growth – if you understand the strengths of the local tech community and are willing to embrace them.

Denver Healthcare Jobs Provide Incredible Challenges

In general, the healthcare industry provides a great source of opportunities where IT professionals can work with leading edge tech in meaningful ways. The Denver market takes that to a whole new level. The healthcare industry has grown 24.1% in five years, and there are now about 19,760 healthcare and wellness companies in the Denver region, including the local HQ of HCA Healthcare as well as other similar Denver-based organizations. Those companies range from large-scale providers caring for thousands to cutting-edge healthtech startups pushing the boundaries of healthcare, medicine, and wellness. Regardless, their sustained growth means engaging opportunities for tech professionals.

Sophisticated IT infrastructure, highly regulated data management, and nonstop cyber threats are all trends that impact the healthcare IT industry, providing deeper opportunities to take your skillset to the next level. If you’re looking for cutting edge technology, Denver healthtech companies offer just that. Mobile developers, cloud engineers, and AI software engineers in particular have plenty of opportunities through the growing collection of healthtech startups supported through the Catalyst HTI innovation ecosystem. No matter what your technical niche, you’re sure to find an engaging, challenging environment that’s right for you.

Networking in the Right Circles Impacts Your Opportunities

Although the idea of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” isn’t new, the trick in the Denver job market is to find your networking sweet spot. Networking in the local community can improve your job prospects considerably, but you need to connect with the right people in the right organizations.

Don’t Forget Your Living Situation

Finding the best IT jobs isn’t limited to the type of position and company but also includes the city where you live and work. Compared to coastal tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York, compensation in Denver can be lower, but the cost of living makes thriving more manageable. According to Bankrate, the cost of living in Denver is 36% less than New York City and 37.87% less than Silicon Valley. That’s why local tech professionals are able to take more advantage of all the aspects that make Denver incredible.

There’s No Reason to Settle

According to the 2018 CBRE Report, Denver is among the top 10 tech cities, so there’s no shortage of opportunities, no matter your favorite flavor of work. If you like a close-knit working structure that encourages experimentation, homegrown Denver startups offer plenty of options. If you want access to greater resources and defined structure in your work, large tech companies like Google and Oracle hire regularly from the local talent pool. The range of Denver IT jobs out here means that if you’re feeling stagnant in your current job, you have the freedom to branch out across a range of exciting full-time and contract jobs.

That said, there’s always a challenge. Lately, local tech talent is faced with a lot of noise in the Denver job market, making it difficult to align the right opportunity with your career goals. It’s an all too familiar situation to get messaged about job opportunities from recruiters who stopped reading at your title. When that’s the norm, it’s easy to assume there are no worthwhile opportunities out there. But working with the right recruiters, those who are willing to learn your short-term and long-term goals, can help you pick the best Denver IT jobs from the rest.

Are you thinking about starting your job search again? Don’t sweat it! Contact one of our recruiters to get started or check out our latest Denver IT jobs.


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