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Write a Stellar Follow-Up Email After an Interview

Getting an interview for a new job is an exciting feeling. Knowing that there is potential for new career beginnings and opportunities gives people a new level of professional and corporate confidence. However, ever since college you’ve heard about one thing you should always do after an interview–write a follow-up email. But how do you do it without sounding annoying? We’ve got a couple of ideas for you:

Show how well you can do the work and why they need your work
This is where you show the company what you’re capable of and why they need to add your to their team. Doing so takes a huge load off of the hiring manager in deciding whether or not you’re a good fit. Make yourself an obvious hire.

Include something useful for them
It’s important to convey your ability to contribute to (or increase) the company’s industry value. Delivering helpful insight is always a welcomed surprised, just make sure you’re humble about it.

Don’t loose sight of graciousness when writing a follow-up email. Regardless of adding a little flare, the most simple “thank you for your time” goes a very long way.

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