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Women in IT & The Qualities They Bring To Tech Roles

Traditionally, technical roles have been occupied predominantly by men. However, women in IT roles are becoming increasingly more common year over year. Movers and shakers in the space continue to push back, rise above, and elevate the industry as they break barriers within the IT industry. 

With continual positive changes being paved by women in leadership, we consider the unique qualities and extraordinary energy that women in IT bring to tech roles, teams, and companies. 

Heart-Led Leadership

Despite the leadership gender disparity that has dominated every industry, not just tech, for decades, women have proven time and time again that they make exceptional leaders. Women excel at leading from the heart and have a unique capacity to inspire, develop themselves and others, and pursue healthy conflict resolution. These qualities make leading from a place of purpose incredibly powerful in a women-led role.

Prioritizing Well-Being On All Fronts

A new Gallup survey found that 33% of women felt burnt out in the workplace this past year, compared to 25% of males feeling the same sentiments. Biologically, women are experiencing symptoms of underperformance, feeling overwhelmed, and overburdened at their jobs. Armed with an empathetic viewpoint, women are skillfully equipped to combat the typical trigger points like overworking, high-pressure environments, and constantly changing expectations to prevent a toxic environment for their employees.

Communication & Collaboration

A strong professional leader can communicate efficiently and effectively with their employees and clients. Women in IT bring a unique blend of empathy, inclusion, and trust to their communication efforts to collaborate with their teams and move the needle forward on tasks and projects. 

Overcoming Adversity By Default

Breaking industry norms is the default setting for women in IT and most other professions. When faced with challenges and adversity in the workplace, women are uniquely equipped to address, adapt, and overcome whatever they face. Too often, many women have had to utilize this skill set to get the roles, respect, and compensation they deserve. With this type of glass ceiling being broken each day, creative problem-solving comes naturally to women in IT leadership. 

Thrive With Flexibility

In a recent Forbes publication, it was revealed that 90% of American women reported the belief that hybrid work was an equalizer in the workplace.[1] Additionally, 72% of women would look for a new job if the option to work under a hybrid model was no longer available.[2] These numbers tell a story that should be a wake-up call for leaders and employers that women in the workplace thrive with flexibility. Women in IT recognize that fluidity can create a more parallel work environment, and are enacting more willingness to compromise work-life balance in their workplaces

If you’re a woman working in IT, how does this resonate with you? Are you looking for your next IT role? IDR is proud to be woman-led and eager to help women in IT find tech roles aligned with their personal and professional goals. Learn more here: 


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