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Why IDR wants to Repel Potential Employees

As a part of our corporate culture we are working toward an Attract/Repel form of communication about working for IDR. We believe that to find the best applicants we need to attract the candidates that are the best fit and at the same time repel those candidates that would not be a good fit.

What do we mean by “Repel”?

We mean just what the word means: to drive or force back. We want those who are a bad fit to not only think twice before applying, we want them to run in the opposite direction.

We discovered that we waste lots of time in the interview process dealing with candidates that are a bad fit from the onset. We spend over an hour with each candidate that comes through our doors. We need to make sure that hour is spent on candidates that are going to be a good fit.

Who do you try and attract?

We want to attract candidates that fit our core values. Period. Many companies say that they have core values and their employees may or may not really adhere to them, but at IDR everyone is expected to use the core values everyday.

One of the biggest differentiators at IDR is our commitment to health and fitness. We firmly believe that a persons health and fitness is directly related to that persons production capability at work. This is a major attraction to some candidates and a major repellent to other candidates.

We believe in this so much that we are slowly incorporating a bootcamp experience as the first interaction candidates have with our company. Those who are attracted to that kind of company will love it, while those who don’t will not show up.

Do you use a unique way to attract/repel job candidates?

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