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Why I Love Working at IDR

A little over a year ago I made the decision to leave the small college town in Alabama I was living in and make the move to Nashville. Without having a job lined up or knowing hardly anyone in this city, I never would have guessed that my career would be where it is today. With a type A personality, intensely competitive nature and a successful background in sales, I made the decision to go into staffing. It was the gritty and passionate team of people I met who shared the same ambitious goals as mine, however, that led me to join the IDR team. Over the past 13 months, I haven’t once let off the gas.

A career in sales is not an easy one, but the staffing industry is a whole different ballgame. It takes a certain type of individual to succeed in this business. During my year at IDR, I’ve definitely been faced with some challenges. Big ones. But those challenges have come with a rewarding outcome (and a six-figure income). To be successful in recruiting and sales you have to accept working more hours than most of your friends, sacrificing your personal life every now and then, and focusing all of your energy and effort on the team’s objective. Thankfully I am surrounded by team members who remain right there with me, giving it their all, and cheering each other on to ensure we achieve our goal. I’ve been pushed to my limits and tested in ways that other positions haven’t challenged me, but the personal and professional growth that’s come from all of my hard work has made it more than worth it.

If you asked me what keeps me coming back every day, you’d regret it, because I could go on and on. I love so much about this organization – the motivation we receive to challenge ourselves, the supportive and inspirational team that surrounds me, and the overwhelming potential for career growth that is ahead of me. However, there were some distinguishing factors that led me to choose IDR over any other staffing firm.

Unlike some of IDR’s competitors, we allow you to earn commission from day one. We also offer a competitive base, uncapped commission, performance bonuses and an all-expense paid trip to Mexico through our Annual Sales and Recruiting contest. Our compensation is rewarded based on performance, and we firmly believe in hard work.

On top of high earnings and baller vacations, IDR is a flat organization. Our branch managers sit at a desk in the midst of all the fun, crazy, competitive chaos generated by the team. We also throw paid-for, out-of-office celebrations for every milestone of each teammate, including anniversaries and promotions (you do the math – that’s a lot of celebrating). Lastly, IDR has a seriously clear vision for what our organization will achieve in the coming years, as does each of its individuals. We strive to become legendary and be the best IT staffing firm the world has ever seen.

I told you not to ask what keeps me coming back. There are so many factors solidifying the fact that I made the right decision to join IDR and become part of the team that catapults our company to the next level. I love everything the company stands for and strives for, but mostly, I love the person that I’m becoming along the way.


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