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Why Give Back?

You have heard many stories of our giving back projects over the past months. You have seen us cook, work, run and donate all in the name of service. And in response I have had people ask me why we take the time out of our days to give back to those around us.

First, service is at the core of who we are as an organization. We want to impact the world. One big way we can impact people is through our work, and we make sure we do everything we can to leave a lasting impact. We also feel called to serve in the community around us…to serve the people who need help where we are. Sometimes that help is money and sometimes it is time.

At IDR, we know our work is not who we are, it is what we do. And we believe habits create character. When we are in the habit of service, it will ultimately become part of our character. Taking a day or half day away from work could impact us as a business. But we believe giving to those around us is part of our responsibility as a business.

Although serving once a month is nothing jaw-dropping, it is a tangible way for us to do something for someone who needs a helping hand. Giving back is one of our favorite activities as a team. It keeps our “reality” in balance and is a reminder of how blessed we are.

What was your favorite giving back activity?

Helen Newton explained part of the reason IDR enjoys serving, “Serving others when we think we have problems takes whatever problems we have and shifts our thinking. Instead of helping others, we truly receive something.”

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