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What’s the Right Workout for Your Personality?

Sometimes it’s hard to make the workout habit stick. You get busy or distracted, and suddenly your workout plan is derailed, diminished or nonexistent. One way to keep yourself motivated is to stay away from workouts that don’t appeal to you. Introverts may grow to dread group classes. Competitors may find yoga to be excruciating in its contemplative focus.

What are the best workouts for different personalities?

Driven – Self-motivated and goal-oriented, compatible fitness regimens include anything cardio (walking, running, swimming), weight training, and martial arts.

Consistent – Order and familiarity are key for you. Work out in the same place at the same time each week to find a formula for success. Treadmills, Wii Fit and training videos are good options.

Contemplative – Your need for reflection favors repetitive, solo activities that don’t require a high level of thinking about the physical details, such as running, hiking, Tai Chi or yoga.

Social – Anything with a friend is better. Choose group classes such as Zumba or water aerobics classes. A walking/running club or round of golf with friends are also good fits for you.

Competitive – Motivated by winning, you will enjoy competitive sports or training for a lofty goal like running a marathon. Find any activity where you can beat an opponent.

Adventurous – Craving freshness and spontaneity, the key for you is mixing it up. Outdoor pursuits might include whitewater rafting, mountain biking or cross-country skiing. Indoors, try the latest class at the club, such as hot yoga or kickboxing.

Understanding your motivators (and demotivators) can be your best strategy for working out consistently and effectively.

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