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What’s Keeping You Unemployed?

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Have you ever wondered if hiring companies really are checking out your social media presence? Mashable recently published the results of a Jobvite survey, which reported that 40% of companies reconsidered their applicants as a result of social media.

What’s that mean for you? If your online profiles include posts of a sexual nature; use of profanity; spelling or grammar errors; or references to guns, illegal drug use or alcohol, that can work against you. No big surprises there.

What can work in your favor? If you’re volunteering or doing charity work. And the neutral categories (dependent upon the employer and their views) are overtly religious or political posts.

So next time you plan to rant on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you may want to reconsider. How will this post/tweet reflect on me? How will it affect my future opportunities?

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