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What You May Not Know About Sleep, Part Two

In a previous post, we learned some facts about sleep. What are some strategies to ensure that we get quality sleep each night?

1. Maintain a consistent schedule, even on weekends. Remember that your body will push later if you allow it. Maintaining the discipline of a consistent schedule is one of the best ways to help your body truly rest.
2. Take an hour to wind down before bed. Even if your energy feels strong at the end of the day, your last hour should be quiet and peaceful.
3. If you don’t have strong day/night cues, add them. Get sunlight in the morning. Block out light at night. Turn electronics off as bedtime approaches or use an application like f.lux.
4. Keep your bedroom dark, cool and free from noise. Even if you think “the light doesn’t bother you” or “the noise isn’t that bad,” it can still reduce sleep quality.
5. Forget the alarm clock in the morning; set an alarm to remind you to go to bed at night. If you consistently go to bed at a reasonable hour, your body will adjust and begin waking at about the same time each day. If you can’t wake before your alarm, try setting your go-to-bed alarm earlier until you find the right fit.

Sleep is easy to take for granted when we’re sleeping well but is important for our health both physically and mentally. Set yourself up to succeed by fostering good sleep habits.

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