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What Ownership Means To Me

This has been a week of ESOP information and fun! One word you have seen again and again is ownership. Today we are rounding out our series with what ownership means to our employees:

John Pearce: Ownership to me represents pride, responsibility, and loyalty. An opportunity to give your all in making sure what you own represents every value you abide by; because in essence it is a direct reflection of you as a person. How you handle the responsibility of ownership shows integrity, heart, and passion to become better in every way possible. Ownership is more than a word, it is a gauge of personal value.

Doug Mack: Ownership to me means the inheritance of an object or possession and the subsequent maintenance and management of such a belonging to be used at the discretion of the beholder.

Whitney Hayes: Ownership to me means taking control of an idea, vision, dream, goal, or self, and protecting and nurturing it as mine – something that may be positively influenced, but that no one else can be personally responsible for.

Lindsay Kiefaber: Ownership means to me that we are active and proactive, aware and conscience of the every choice and decision we make. Ownership is the realization that we alone have the power and right to make choices in our lives.

Matt Jones: Ownership means to me that I possess something. It means that I have the responsibility to care for, protect and reap the benefits of what it is that I own. It means that I have the ability to choose who gets to share this thing. It is mine.

Ashton Lummus:  Ownership means to me that I have been endowed with a responsibility.  And with this power it is my duty to take control of my actions and channel it to the better use of what I own.  It means, for what I own is mine and it is my responsibility to take care of this thing the best way that I can.

Danny R. – Ownership to me is being fully vested in an idea that you fully believe in!

Will L. – Ownership to me means having full rights and responsibilities for something.

Liz Chin – Ownership means having the courage to take responsibility even when you are unsure of the outcome!

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