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What Kind of Vibes are You Putting Out?

The number of factors that go into determining our effectiveness and level of business success is countless.  Why does it matter?  Since we’re all constantly analyzing and being analyzed by others, it’s important to be aware of the vibes you’re giving out to other people.  The sooner you raise your own awareness about your own presence and the presence of others, the more successful you’ll be in your career.

People who have a knack for this tend to group the people they assess into one of two categories: keepers or write-offs.  Keepers are the ones leaders bring in, work with, mentor and nurture.  If not, we write them off.

So how do you separate one from the other (or separate yourself from being tagged as a write-off)? Here are a few tell-tale characteristics of the keepers and the write-offs of the world.




Now that you have an idea of what each side looks like, the question now becomes which one are you? If you’re a little afraid to find out, that’s understandable.  Confront your fears head on and be honest with yourself.  After all, look at what category courageous falls under.

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