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Ways to Make Smarter Decisions

Effective decision making is an essential and valuable skill in the business world.  However, the elements of personal and systemic problems can often lead to poor decision making.

So how do put yourself in the best position to make strong, good decisions for you and your business? Consider these points next time you give the final word.

There will be bias, even your own

Accounting for any bias opinions is crucial in your decision making.  If not, you could go with a choice that won’t give you what you really need.  Know that making a completely neutral, unbiased decision is impossible.  Ensure that you and your business has a system that keeps your opinions from taking control.

You are not as smart as you think you are

You shouldn’t be the only person making the decisions around your office.  There should be acknowledgment of how many people are really involved with making decisions.

Safety in numbers

Making decisions means that you have to make the best choice from multiple options.  It can be tough and somewhat intimidating, and even if you have choices–important strategic decisions often make people consider only one option.  Try instead, considering two alternatives instead of focusing solely on one.

Big things can come from small changes

It doesn’t take a huge internal workflow overhaul to improve your decision making process.  For instance, no decision is ever a one-and-done.  It has most likely come up before and will probably come up again.  Make note of the ones you’ve made before, keying in on any long term lessons that apply to where you are now.

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