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Understand Another Perspective

High-impact, influential people are dedicated to getting others to genuinely buy in and commit to their ideas.  There isn’t much reliance on compliance techniques—those only guarantee short-term support from others.

Many of us try to persuade others on our own terms: our assumptions, our experiences and so forth.  Everything is from our point of view.  In order to shift another person’s perspective, we must start with how they see things.  Here’s how:

1. Situational Awareness: You Get “It”

Sympathize with the person’s opportunities as well as any challenges they may face.  Offer solutions that work for them, grasp their reality and clearly communicate that back to them.

2. Personal Awareness: You Get “Them”

Understand their strengths, weaknesses, goals, priorities, limitations, fears and concerns.  Demonstrate your willingness to connect with them on a personal level.

3. Solution Awareness: You Get Their Path to Progress

Offering a positive path enables them to make progress on their own terms.  Provide a variety of options and alternatives that make them feel empowered.  Since you have more understanding on a situational and personal level, you can help them think more clearly and act smarter—and often, in your favor.

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