Tips for a Solid Email Signature

Email signatures are pretty simple, however they are also pretty simple to mess up.  Typically, businesses provide their employees with a template for their emails.  Your personal email signature should also follow a clean, simple template even if you are just sending a funny clip to one of your friends.  After all, where else are you going to email resumes from when you’re applying for a job? Here are a few general dos and don’ts to help you set up the best email signature:



  • Use plain text so recipients can copy and paste easily
  • No more than seven lines
  • Create an alternate short-version signature to use on replies
  • Type out urls instead of using links so they can be copied/pasted
  • Consolidate lines by placing a pipe ( | ) or double colon ( :: ) between items



  • Use more than two colors
  • Add a quote—you never know what someone might find offensive
  • Put your contact information in an image
  • Use bullets
  • Include miscellaneous contact information: Facebook pages, Skype accounts, etc.