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Time Blocking


Have you ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day? Ever leave work feeling like you accomplished next to nothing? Of course. We all have. In light of that, we will be doing a series of blogs around the idea of time management and sharing some tips that you will hopefully find useful. Here is the first..

Time Blocking.

Here’s how it works– This is a tactic in which you begin your day or week by listing out the tasks you want to accomplish in that given amount of time. Next, go down the list and assign a time allotment based on experience or your best guess for how long each item will take. Finally, block out your calendar accordingly. If you use Google Calendar, for instance, you can even set up alerts to remind you 15 minutes before each task is supposed to start. This will help you wrap up what you’re currently working on and get in gear for the next project at hand.

As in most time management successes, planning is key. And this is a simple and straightforward way to to just that.

Have you tried this before? Has it worked for you? What are other tactics you use to maximize your time?

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