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The Energy Project

This weekIi stumbled upon something called, “The Energy Project.” I was instantly intrigued by the name alone, and when I found out the CEO is Tony Schwartz (one of the authors of The Making of a Corporate Athlete), I needed to know more.

“The way we’re working isn’t working.”

“We energize people and companies.”

“Harness the science of high performance.”

“Move out of the survival zone, into the performance zone.”

Interested yet? Everyone wants to know how to perform better at work, while maintaining a healthy, happy life outside of work. Not that this project is a sure-fire plan on how to get your life back, but there is some energizing material available here.

Take the Energy Audit, or the Energy Audit for Leaders to see how you are doing at fueling great performance. There is also a plethera of information via videos and the blog with more information about energizing your work life and your work place. The current campaign is Take Back Your Lunch which alone could transform corporate America.

Are you willing to step out of the box to energize your work?

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