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The 9 Best Job Search Apps for IT Professionals

It’s no longer realistic to expect someone to search for a job behind their computer screen – especially as an IT professional.  Mobile phones and tablets have given us the ability to connect and search from anywhere at any time, so why should it be any different when you’re searching for a job?

Many job boards have created applications to allow job seekers (or busy IT professionals, specifically) to search for that next contract or direct hire job while on the go.  As a technical recruiter, these are what I believe to be the best apps out there to help you find that next IT role (and the best part is, they’re all FREE!).

CareerBuilder – is one of the most popular job boards out there (Monster is the other) so of course this app would be user-friendly and top of the line.  You can use your regular CareerBuilder credentials to login to the app or connect with Facebook, an offering that not a lot of other job search apps have (again, other than Monster).  Nailing down specifics of your search is easy and you can of course, apply directly to a job from the application.

Monster – Neck and neck with CareerBuilder, this app has a lot of the same functionality.  The “connect to Facebook” option is nice and being able to upload your resume straight from your device is convenient.  The job search filter doesn’t seem as advanced as CareerBuilder’s but still gives you room to refine your search.  The ease of adding a job to your favorites list is definitely a plus with this app.

Dice – The number of good, IT job boards out there is limited.  However, is the go-to site to search for tech jobs.  The Dice mobile app takes that great offering and gives it to you anywhere!  It searches IT jobs near you in location and gives you the ability to log in to your already existing Dice account.  Found the perfect job for you on the mobile device?  Applying directly is a piece of cake with your account!

Indeed – As with the website, the beauty of the Indeed app is that it pulls jobs from all over the web.  The simplicity of the user interface makes the task of finding a job that much easier.  If you’re not looking for bells and whistles but to simply, look for a job and apply, this is the app for you!

Job Search Engine – This app works much like Indeed does (much to our dismay, even has the sponsored jobs ads).  However, the plus side is that it pulls jobs from all around the web into one convenient place.  Add a job as a “Favorite” to come back to later.  The application process might not be as easy as Dice or CareerBuilder as it takes you to the original job posting source.  However, their “Job Search Tip of the Day” might make up for that.

SimplyHired – The search ability with the SimplyHired app is well…simple!  The function to allow you to sort your search by the date the job was posted or by the relevance to your search is especially nice.  This app will take you straight to the company’s job posting so there is no posting to the app itself.  One of the best features of this app is the email alert tool – if you find a job you like, simply create an alert when more like it are posted.

Snag A Job – Snag A Job is great in that it lets you set up your settings for what you’re looking for: type of job, miles within your location, full time or part time, etc.  Once these settings are saved, you can easily go back and keep checking to see what matches are pulled up for you on your “Daily Matches.”  The easy to use interface allows you to easily save selected jobs or apply right from the app.  One thing you need to check out – the “Job Tips” section!  They offer great advice!

ComputerJobs – is another well-known IT job board hub and its app is also a must-see.  A new FAQ section shows you the best way you can use the app.  You can adjust your settings on this app to show you jobs that are only posted within a certain amount of days, making sure you’re not seeing month old jobs.  The best thing about this app?  The ability to set up job alerts for locations, job titles or salary information that matches your needs.

LinkedIn – While not solely a job search application, LinkedIn is one of the most popular job seeking tools today.  By connecting with contacts, the likely hood that you know someone connected to that job you want, grows more likely.  Its networking abilities alone make it one of the best job boards out there (website or mobile app!).

While these apps are great, are you still not finding that right job?  Check out IDR’s open IT jobs here.

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