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The 10 Best-Paying Jobs In 2024 In The IT Sector

The IT job market is one of the hottest and fastest-growing career paths available. And they often come with a hefty 6-figure payday. If you’re looking to make a career shift, here are the top 10 best-paying jobs in 2024 in the IT sector with salaries, according to Glassdoor.

DevOps Engineer

This role is responsible for connecting IT with software engineering and aligning the project development. They are also involved in managing applications, automation, maintenance, and more. The average salary is $130,000.

Machine Learning / AI Software Engineer

This is a role in ever-increasing demand in the current AI-forward landscape. An MLE will be responsible for developing and implementing applications and systems for machine learning—salaries for this role average $160,000. 

Systems Security Manager

An SSM will develop internal security policies and oversee and manage computer security systems. They’re also responsible for security breach responses. The average salary ranges between $91,000 to $170,000. 

Blockchain Engineer

This role operates on the Blockchain Protocol, where all blockchain-powered products are hosted. A BE is responsible for smart contracts, data structures, developing blockchain architecture, and security measures. The average salary is $175,000.

Web Developer

Web developers are the workhorses of the internet, creating the sites we use every day. They’re responsible for building and designing websites as well as maintaining them for optimal performance. The average salary for this role depends on experience and geographic location but ranges from $72,000 to $135,000. 

Data Scientist

The data scientist gathers insights from datasets to create targeted solutions using machine learning and statistical analysis or modeling. The average data scientist’s salary ranges from $71,000 to $190,000. 

Network or Cloud Architect

This role creates and integrates cloud-based infrastructures for stable, secure, and scalable operations. Additionally, they are involved in the maintenance and upgrade requirements. The average salary will vary, but the average is $134,000. 

IT Director

The director is responsible to oversee the IT department and ensure processes, products, and teams are aligned with department goals. They will be involved in implementation to meet the demands of business strategy. The salary will vary depending on several factors, but the average is $116,000. 

Business Analyst

Translating business needs and objectives into technological solutions falls under the role of the business analyst. They may also be responsible for data analytics, improving internal processes, and managing the implementation process. The average salary is $87,000 but could go as high as $100,000. 

Project Manager

Every IT project has many moving parts and players and needs a skilled manager. In the IT space, this role is responsible for planning projects that meet objectives, managing the process and execution, and wrapping up projects when they’re complete. Salaries for this role range wildly depending on your experience and location, but the average salary is approximately $100,000.

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