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Ten IT Interview Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

Getting an interview is exciting, but the actual interview itself can be nerve-inducing.  Don’t fret, we’ve compiled a list of 10 avoidable IT interview mistakes help you be prepared and stay cool as a cucumber.

The First Five Mistakes

  1. Showing up late to the interview: This mistake shows your possible employer more than just a lack of time management. It is a major red flag that many hiring managers assume could leek out into your work performance such as being late on projects and deadlines. When the competition is tough, it often comes down to the little things like being punctual that makes the final decisions. Being on time gives you an upper hand on the competition as well as show your possible employer that you will be organized enough to keep everything in order and be able to handle the job.  (Don’t be too early or it will look really weird.)
  2. Lack of enthusiasm: Imagine yourself in the interviewers shoes. They are looking to hire someone to join their team and your resume and credentials are perfect but, your lacking enthusiasm. This could be a deal breaker! A lack of interest can also apply to other areas of your job performance. This can leave the impression that you think you’re above the tasks they ask you to perform and wont work as a team player.  Sit up straight, lean forward in your seat, take notes and ask questions to show you are interested and engaged.
  3. Little/no company knowledge: You might not be in school anymore but you still have homework to do! Research into the company your being interviewed for and avoid the all too embarrassing moment of not knowing what or who they are talking about.  Get on the internet and do as much research as you can about the company and some of their competitors. It shows interest, enthusiasm, and initiative on your part for being proactive.
  4. Dressing inappropriately: Not only will you look out of place, but this could also be an indicator that you don’t think ahead.  If you show a lack of concern for your appearance, you will most likely show the same lack of concern in your work. This doesn’t mean you need to show up in a three piece suit! Dress for the culture of the environment where you are being interviewed. You want to be comfortable as well as make your interviewer comfortable as well.  When in doubt as your recruiter to recommend proper attire.  Trust me, it is a lot better to be overdressed than under dressed.
  5. Being a Debby Downer: Surprisingly, a lot of people show up to an interview complaining about previous employee experiences, situations, etc! For one thing, that is a huge waste of the small amount of time you have during your interview. Why even give bad experiences ‘air-time’ during your opportunity to start fresh! Not to mention the fact that you will leave a bad impression of being bitter, negative, and possibly difficult.  No one wants to hear about your bad break up with an ex, and no one wants to hear all of the bad things about your old company.

How do you think you can use these tips for your IT interview?  Hiring managers: Ever seen any of these?  Let us know in the comments.

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