Stick to Your Workout Plan, Even When You’re on Vacation


Traveling, whether for work, pleasure or both, has a great way of throwing a huge wrench into your normal routine.  This is especially apparent for those who keep a diligent fitness routine.  Between the all-day conferences, dinners and maybe the occasional sight-seeing–making time for a workout is hard to come by.

However, with a few essentials and a little bit of planning, bringing your workout with you and staying healthy on the road can be a breeze.  Check this three-step plan:

Bring Your Gear

You won’t be able to get anything done if you don’t bring the right things with you.  We realize we’re stating the obvious when we say this but pack your workout clothes, and only pack one set.  Make sure it’s lightweight and will dry fast.  That way you can wash it in the sink to be dry by the next day.  Some other essentials to pack:

  • Yoga mat: They weigh no more than two pounds and are easy to pack.  Besides, it’s way more sanitary than a hotel room floor.
  • Resistance Band: Packing weights is out of the question, but with one set of resistance bands allow you an endless number of strength exercises.

Plan It Out

It’s important to get an idea of what your trip is going to look like.  Take some time to review your itinerary and figure out when you will have time for your workouts. Also, check the hotel you’re staying at to see if they have a fitness center.  If you’re a member of a national gym chain, see if there is one nearby where you’re staying.  Here are some other options:

  • Hit the sidewalk: going on a run is a great way to not only get some exercise but to also do some sightseeing
  • Use your room: There are tons of sites online that provide workouts that can be done within the privacy of your room

Be Active

Need a little more than your daily workout while your traveling? Optimize your time as much as possible by walking as much as you can: explore the local scene around your hotel, take the stairs whenever possible, and so forth.