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Simple Changes to Your Diet to Boost Energy

Something that has a big impact on our energy, but that we may not spend a lot of time thinking about, is the food we consume (or don’t consume). If you’re feeling burnt out in the middle of the day, you may want to consider these tips.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

We’ve all heard that it is the most important meal of the day, yet many of us still neglect and underestimate it. Though it’s not just about eating breakfast, it’s what you eat for breakfast. Including fiber, nutrients, and protein should be the goal. Some examples: a banana with almond butter, other fruit, eggs, etc. Avoid the muffins, doughnuts, and sugary cereals—they will only make you drag through the day even more.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated can help you avoid getting tired. Studies have been done that suggest even mild dehydration can slow your metabolism. So drink plenty of water and other unsweetened beverages throughout the day. A great habit is to drink a glass of water in the morning before you consume anything else. This helps cleanse your system and get you ready for the day.

Avoid Sugar

Not only is sugar not good for your body, but it causes an internal crash after the brief rush you get from eating it. Instead, snack on apple slices and almond butter, carrots, celery with cheese, or a healthy energy bar, (they aren’t all good—despite what their marketing would lead you to believe) like Larabar. Another great source of energy is almonds and cashews. Keeping a bag of nuts around to snack on is an easy step in the right direction.

Coffee and Tea

These are both low-calorie, natural sources of caffeine and have other health benefits outside of the energy they deliver. Just remember, they start this way—but when you load them down with cream and sugar…well, that changes things, doesn’t it?

We could all stand to learn more about food and how it affects our energy levels and lifestyles. But these are some simple steps that you can start taking to improve the way you feel throughout your work day.

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