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Quarterly Summit Gathering: Days 1 and 2

What? Every quarter a group of IDR employees gather for what we call Summit Week, which is also referred to as “Leadership Council/Sales boot camp training
Here is an extensive look at what goes on during this boot camp:
The first two days of summit week (Leadership Council)

Who: The President, Branch Managers, Branch Coordinators, and the Operations team.
Why: To work on strategic development for the quarter and identify improvements for growth within the individual branches as well as the entire company.  In this two day Leadership Council gathering, the participants involved are there to recognize their leadership strengths and identify areas of improvement. We guide each other to identify the skills and attributes of an effective team leader. Participants also learn why different skills are needed to manage employee interactions and the appropriate style of leadership to be used in each situation.
Discussing our branch business plans is a huge part of these two days.  We discuss each branch’s previous quarter achievements and discuss goals for future quarters. We identify what worked and what didn’t. Processes, procedures, and various creative ideas are discussed.  These topics lead to  in-depth discussions. These discussions help identify our comfort zones, and potential sources of team conflict.  The training brings insight into how different group members (branches) make decisions, communicate with each other and process information.  As leaders we are taught to manage interpersonal differences for the overall benefit of the organization.
Stayed tuned for a closer look at days three through five.
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