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Pushing Through the 4th Quarter

As the fourth quarter begins, it is easy to become complacent. The beginning of the race is always easier than the end. It is of utmost importance to begin this fourth quarter with the end in mind… success!

Pushing through this fourth quarter has many layers as an IDR employee. As the weather changes, it is harder to stay motivated in your physical fitness. Making the decision to go for a run after work is a lot easier when it is 75 degrees versus when it is 40 degrees. Slacking in your fitness will ultimately impact your overall health. With colds everywhere and your immune system down from your lack of workouts, you are more likely to get sick. This decrease in energy is going to affect your work performance and your capacity to handle your work and home life.

As you begin this quarter and finish out the year, stay just as motivated as you were in the beginning. Your previous efforts will mean nothing if you cannot finish well. Sprint through the finish line!

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