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Office Connections

We are a team at IDR. We work, play, and serve together. And although we have four offices across the country, all of our employees know each other by name. We strive to create a community between us.

But why is it important to be connected to those who do not work in the same office? For starters, we are often communicating and working projects with one another.

Most importantly, if one of us fails, we all fail. The success of IDR is the success of the entire company, not just one branch. By connecting our offices through retreats, calls, emails, and conferences, we work to foster a community of commitment and dedication to IDR.

People often see how we interact with one another and ask about our company culture. While IDR is no kumbaya-hugs-all-around environment, we do work well together to achieve success. We encourage one another, face the tough stuff together, and celebrate with each other.

Our office connections allow us to hold one another accountable, help each other, and build lasting friendships. At IDR we want to impact the world through our service. We want to ignite others with our passion and impact everyone we come in contact with. All while providing the best IT recruiting services the world has ever seen.

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