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New Nashville Team Member- Alyssa

Nashville is excited to announce our newest team member Alyssa Marlin! Alyssa started last week and gave us a little bit of information on herself:

“I would describe myself as a small town girl with a big city mindset. I grew up in Hendersonville, TN and went to the same small private school called Davidson Academy from kindergarten until I graduated. I decided to branch out of my comfort zone and go to a big school, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. While there, I always pushed myself to do more and gain as much experience as possible. I was in leadership roles in many organizations throughout college including Kappa Delta, TeamVols, UT Athletic Ambassadors, etc. I had two internships and worked many odd jobs throughout my time in college. I tried to keep my life balanced by going to church every Wednesday and Sunday and making lots of time for socializing. I always felt like I could and would make a difference in this world and that is one reason I chose to work at IDR. During the interview process, I knew in my heart that this was an office full of genuine, kind people who were going to push me to greatness. I want to wake up every day knowing that while at work, I have accomplished something and made a difference in this world. I know that at IDR I can and will do this. I see this opportunity as a gift that I plan on cherishing. I hope to make everyone at this company proud!”
We are excited to have you Alyssa and can’t wait to see you succeed!
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