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Mission Statement Monday: Tray

Today we have our Monday Mission Statement from Tray Chamberlin. Tray is one of our branch leaders in our Atlanta office. This week he is sharing both his personal mission statement and his professional goals.

Personal Mission Statement:
“I go through each day with a sense of purpose and fulfillment in my work . I give my full focused effort and attention to the task at hand and strive to make progress in my personal growth as well as the growth of my co-workers and my company. I do not sacrifice my morals nor my integrity or beliefs in order for gains in the short nor the long term and continue to put forth the effort and due diligence required to be the best. I do not settle for second best and realize that no matter the level of success or achievement I reach there is always room to improve and grow.
I make my family proud of me in all my actions. I am a role model to those around me and am an example of success and result of hard work. I understand that my role in life is first to my family and faith and I uphold that duty.”

Professional Goals:
– To create an environment and work culture that mirrors the IDR Core Values in all areas
– Maintain a positive and upbeat attitude in and out of the office that will be contagious to others that come into contact with me
– To create a working environment that develops leaders who can step into pivotal roles and help continue to grow IDR
– To lead by example and instill a strong set of ethics into all my employees across all levels of IDR
– Continue to develop and build my knowledge and ability to handle the tough situations
– To always keep clients as the focal point of my efforts
– To continue to be humble and remember IDR exists only because of the opportunities that our clients have afforded us

Do you set professional goals to stay on track at work?

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