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Mission Statement Monday: Matt

We have been off for a few weeks from our Mission Statement Mondays, but we are back with some inspiring ones! Up today we have Matt Jones from our Nashville team!

“This is my mission statement:
– I will live every day as an adventure; at the end of the day I will look back and be glad at what I have done.
– Whatever I strive to do I will do to the fullest; I will be passionate about what I decide to do.
– I will maintain healthy habits in all facets of life: mentally, physically, emotionally and physically
– Mentally – I will read books and continually explore things that I have an interest in
– Physically – I will keep my body in fit condition through resistance training, running, biking and swimming
– Emotionally – I will keep a confident yet humble attitude; I will remain in control of my emotions; I will not be ashamed to show my emotions
– Spiritually – I will meditate and pray with God
– I will lead a principally centered life; I will improve every situation that I am in; I will be a positive impact on other’s lives
– I will be a good listener and remain open-minded to hearing others’ perspectives; I will be open to change and new ideas; I will evaluate new ideas based upon my principles and morals
– I will be a strong leader and by my example other people will live better lives because I have inspired them
– I will love unconditionally”
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