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Mission Statement Monday: Whitney

This morning we have a mission statement from Whitney Summrall. Whitney is our Branch Coordinator in our Nashville office and we are excited for her to encourage you all with her mission statement today!

“My mission is and will remain congruent with my character…

First and foremost, I will be true to my heart and always remember what is most important in my life. With positive energy and attitude, I will eagerly awaken and welcome each new day. I will continue to value integrity with myself and my peers. I will strive to live a well-balanced life by making time for what is most important to me. Through my words and actions, I will lead myself and others.

I will continue putting the best interest of my loved ones and friends above myself. To better foster the relationship development with my sister, I will remember my role to serve as a leader, mentor, and friend. I will always put my family first. I will willingly seek to understand my spouse through open and honest communication. I will be a faithful and loving partner & wife. I will practice discipline and routine in my personal habits.

I will reflect on God’s presence in my life and seek to do His will. I will strive to become more self-aware so I may best use my talents to serve others. Above all, I will remain a good person.”

I know I have been encouraged by some of the powerful missions. Have any of our mission statements so far really hit home for you?

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