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Mission Statement Monday: Kellye

We have talked a lot about mission statements here. You have seen examples, learned how they help us, and have seen the struggles in them. But have you been motivated to write your own? Writing or saying something gives it power. It holds you accountable and gives your declaration power. So, have your made the decision to write your own personal mission statement? I encourage you to do so. It will help focus your life efforts and make sure your choices and decisions align with your ultimate life purpose.

This week Kellye from our Nashville team is sharing her mission statement with us. I hope that after reading it you will make the decision to write your own!

“My purpose in life is to be the best person that I can be in everything that I do. I promise to make time for the most important people in my life, to blaze my own trail, and to uphold my values and beliefs in every choice I make. My attitude and character will reflect my positive energy, courage, and generosity. My successes will come from my determined mind, patience, discipline, and willingness to learn.

My personal and professional growth will stem from within: from my ability to self-motivate, prioritize, self-manage, and believe in myself – as well as from the help of my friends, family, and mentors. I will control my re-actions based on a principle-centered life in knowing that I have the faith and ability to trust in my decisions, the outcomes, and ultimately myself. I will demonstrate courage in any way needed whether it is to create my own path or to rise to any challenge. I will challenge myself everyday by truly listening to the needs of others around me and by making their happiness and needs a priority.

Nothing in this world is permanent except change; therefore, I will be adaptable to the needs of my organization, my leaders, my mentors, my peers, and my family. I will not compromise my faith, values, or belief system for any decision or desired end goal. I will be the best teammate, leader, and friend through my behaviors, my thoughts, and my words. I will better myself through growing from my mistakes and through holding myself accountable.”

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