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Mission Statement Monday: Ashley

Although Ashley from our Atlanta office  just had a precious baby, that does not stop her from living out her mission statement in all she does. In fact, mission statements are arguably even more important when building a family. Knowing what you are building on, or building for, gives direction to your life.

“My mission is to acquire, maintain, and inspire in others, spiritual peace and personal fulfillment. I will continually and honestly evaluate my values, beliefs, and self in order to deepen my understanding of, strengthen my commitment to, and effectively prioritize each of them. I will live my principles openly and candidly to provide a clear and obvious example to all those with whom I associate.

I will lead and, where appropriate, follow with humility seeking to understand before seeking to be understood. I will embrace my emotions and excitement for life without succumbing to fears or passions that don’t align with my philosophy and morals. I will look for the good in my friends, family, and co-workers ensuring they know I believe in their ability to succeed in whatever they dedicate themselves to. I will encourage others to take responsibility for their situation by refusing to make excuses for my own, and most importantly I’ll treat my life like an opportunity to improve this world, by dedicating my life to causes greater than myself.”

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