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Make a Thank-You Mean Something

Many times we default to something along the lines of a “Thx” in an email, text, or chat in response to a job being completed. And even this morsel of effort is often simply out of habit and obligation. We do this even though we know how small and stale that feels on the receiving end. But because we know how great it feels to be appreciated, why don’t we start becoming intentional about the way we express gratitude to those around us? Here are some simple tips to help us do just that:

Be Specific.

Thank the person in a way that communicates what it is about their actions that is so awesome. This will also increase the likelihood that they will continue the behavior that you appreciate so much– because they know what it is you value.

Acknowledge the Sacrifice.

Make sure they know that you know what their service costed them. Personal time? Resources? Let them know that you see what they are giving up.

Explain the Value.

Let them know how the work they are doing fits into a bigger picture. Give them context around their task or favor. Knowing how your work is actually making things better is a big motivator and source of satisfaction for many people.

Here’s to better thank-yous and happier coworkers and employees!

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