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Leadership Presentations

After our Leadership 500 honor, many people have asked for more information on our leadership development program. For the next two weeks we are going to spend some time going through how IDR operates, and why Leadership Excellence magazine awarded us on their Leadership 500 results.

An important aspect of any leadership program is supplemental tools. Presenters are a big part of leadership development in addition to our normal programs. Today we are going to look at the qualifications of IDR presenters, the effective of the presentations, and how they are developed:

Having individuals with experience and knowledge of leadership share their stories with our employees is very important.  Sometimes it may be an internal employee, and other times it may be someone who is not employed by IDR.  Experiencing a situation through someone else’s eyes can help to prepare us for how we might choose to handle or not to handle a situation.  We have had presenters from our clients come to discuss topics related to leadership from their perspectives, which has allowed us to understand that manager’s, and even that client’s, needs and desires much better.

Sometimes we have presenters come to us, but at other times we go to see leaders speak.  For the past two years, IDR has taken its employees to the Chick-Fil-A Leadercast, where presenters like John Maxwell, Seth Godin, and Jim Collins discuss various topics related to leadership.  Listening to these individuals, whose books we read, in person has a profound impact on our employees, and we try to continue to promote the lessons learned from that experience on a continuous basis.

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