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Leadercast Part 2

Sir Ken Robinson spoke about how finding your passion changes everything. He discussed the 3 key fundamentals to any organization- imagination, creativity and innovation.

One of his strong quotes (which really wasn’t his…it was Benjamin Franklin’s) was, “There are those who are immovable, those who are moveable and those who move.”

I was very impressed with Suzy Welch‘s “gut & guilt” which she describes as the two worst ways to make a decision. She encouraged everyone saying, “We aren’t who we used to be. And we aren’t the people we are going to become.” She followed up to her statement telling everyone to decide what you love to do and do it!

All the IDR”ers” who attended enjoyed Dave Ramsey, who spoke about the 5 key factors that cause us to win- 1. Believing people matter. 2. An excellent team  3. Remembering the Slow & Steady model 4. Financial principals  5. A Higher Power

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