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Jump In

What is it you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t because of… (Honestly, your reasons for not doing whatever it is you dream of don’t much matter. At their essence, they’re always excuses.) How can you take steps toward making your dreams happen?

Some dreams are truly dreams for most of us. We can’t all be Miss America, an NBA superstar or the President of the United States. But many other dreams are achievable. The dreams just need to be broken into smaller parts, and we need to persevere in chipping away at the steps to success. Want to write a book? Start a business? Become a public speaker? What steps can you take now to bring you closer to your goal?

Seth Godin said, “Not ‘starting’ and ‘failing’ lead to precisely the same outcome with different names.” Don’t fail out of fear of trying. Take the risk and jump in! You may find that you have what it takes to succeed at your dream. And if you don’t? Hard work and experience always bear fruit. Even if things don’t turn out as you hoped they would, you’ll find a use for all you learned down the road.

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