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Job Types For Enneagram 1s

The Enneagram 1 personality type is an organized, detail-oriented person bound by a strict, intrinsic sense of ethics and principles. They tend to be perfectionists capable of great responsibility and criticism, inwardly and outwardly. These qualities make for highly productive, ethically reliable team members and leaders. 

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Here are the top job types for Enneagram 1 personalities:

IT Project Manager

Keeping the details of a complex project together and leading the team through any presenting challenges is where a type 1 would excel. Their attention to detail and commitment to guidelines or requirements will ensure projects are done correctly and on time. 

System Analyst

A system analyst thoroughly examines IT systems and processes to analyze their function and productivity. An Enneagram 1 type personality will have the eye and mind for detail to ensure the system and the company can efficiently and effectively meet organizational objectives.

Network Administrator

This role focuses on creating and managing internal networks to ensure security, reliability, and performance. An Enneagram 1 person will shine with their commitment to policy, procedure, and protocol, reducing the chance of error or exposure. 

Roles In Other Industries

The IT world isn’t the only home for an Enneagram 1 to make their mark. Here are a few others that could allow them to showcase their unique talents and skills:

Calling All Enneagram 1s! What’s Your Next Role?

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