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Inside IDR: What Working As An IT Recruiter Is Really Like

VictorRuiz_2014In high school I wanted to be a professional baseball player.  That changed when I went to college and I wanted a career in law enforcement. And once again, it changed when I graduated college and decided to attend law school to become an attorney.  For a number of reasons, none of these life plans became a reality. What became a reality was becoming an IDR recruiter. I never planned or had given much thought to becoming a technical recruiter, but once I learned about IDR, that all changed. Becoming an IDR recruiter was the best thing that could’ve happened for my career and personal life.  In my opinion, a career at IDR can be thought of as a combination of the fields: law enforcement, sports, and law all united into one. Many of the skills learned and mastered in such careers are taught at IDR on a daily basis.

There is nothing monotonous about working at IDR.  Every single day is different and like in law enforcement, I must always be ready to deal with the unexpected. Unpredictability keeps this job exciting and at IDR we train and learn daily how to thrive when dealing with the unexpected. Another aspect of my role is sourcing and searching for the best talent available for our clients. Similarly to what a private investigator must do to crack a case open, we learn to master sourcing or the investigative skills needed to find talent through conventional avenues such as job boards, job positions, LinkedIn and networking..

IDR fosters a very positive and competitive environment comparable to the world of sports. I compete against my peers on a daily basis. We compete against each other professionally with the purpose of making each other better. Our main goal is set on beating our real competition out in the streets. Furthermore, I like to think that IDR has helped me develop nerves of steel.  Since I’m trained to be unfazed by anything put on my plate, I am able to have crucial conversations with candidates which help them make decisions that will have immediate (and likely long term effects) on their professional and personal lives.  Just like in professional sports, the staffing industry is very stressful and challenging and failure is something that everyone experiences. Nonetheless, like any winning organization, at IDR we are taught to learn from our failures and come back stronger the next day to beat our competition. We also share a lot of camaraderie and everyone is encouraged to share their experiences, good or bad.  This is so we can all learn from each other and hopefully avoid doing the same mistakes, while learning how to be winners.

At IDR selling is a daily part of my job. We sell our candidates to clients and work on identifying the reasons why a specific candidate would be a great fit for an opportunity.  Like any successful attorney, I must learn as much as possible about my candidates in order to put together a strong business case as to why they should get the offer over the competition’s candidates. I advise them on how to fully prepare for interviews and what things to say and refrain from saying. If an offer is extended, I will work with my team to negotiate the best possible offer that will benefit the candidate as well as the client.

Lastly, just like in law enforcement, sports and law, IDR is no different in the sense that the harder you work, the bigger the reward! Everyone is very well compensated and recognized for their efforts and victories, while receiving top notch training from the best talent the industry has to offer.

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