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Inside IDR: Going From Recruiting To The Sales Training Program

NicPena_2014When I graduated college I wanted to find a position that not only would allow me to use my current sales experience but also help me grow a lifelong career in a successful organization. Of course the first places that came to mind were big name insurance and sales companies. I didn’t know there were so many career opportunities in Recruiting and Staffing until I received a LinkedIn message from IDR.  The message was not the usual email blast I saw from every other sales program, but it seemed targeted specifically at me and that the company wanted to personally invite me to join their team.

After interviewing with IDR I was hooked! During my interview, I was not grilled with “typical” interview questions, but had more of a conversation on my short and long-term goals for my career.  This showed me that IDR truly cared for their employees and wanted to see them succeed.

I started my recruiting career with IDR in July of 2013 and was immediately infatuated with the business, competitiveness and most of all the company.  Starting a new position at a new company is not always easy because you feel like the rookie.  When I joined IDR, we had different team actives including workouts, dinners and office outings to play top golf.  There was a sense of synergy with the team, which made me feel like I was a part of the IDR family right away.

While I was a recruiter, there were many challenges I faced, most of which would prepare me for my long-term goal to get into sales and become an Account Manager.  After only 6 months of recruiting, I was presented with the opportunity to enter into the IDR Sales Training Program.

During my transition from recruiting to sales, I noticed how difficult the role would be.  At first, I was nervous I would not exceed the expectations for myself, and I would not be able to have the success I wanted.  As I dived more into it, I realized that IDR’s Sales Training Program was designed to make sure I did not fail.  The transition from recruiting to sales is a six week trial and measures you on your ability to run a split desk. This made me focus a lot on my organization and time management; something I thought I already had down.

I would set about 6-10 meetings per week and my Branch Manager, Will, would accompany me on most of them. We spent time reviewing the things I did well and the things I could improve on for the next meeting. Having Will’s support built confidence and taught me to conduct a meeting effectively.

Finally, my training was over and I was officially promoted into Account Management. This day was a great day for me because I had achieved my goal of entering sales at IDR.  The great thing about working for IDR is the training never stops.  Will has continued to guide and coach me during my sales career.  Being able to bring a new job order back to the office for my team to work on made me feel not only accomplished but like I was leading the team in a new direction with a new client. I chase this feeling every morning when I wake up: to be a major contributor to not only my local team in Dallas but to the entire company.

The Account Manager position really gave me the opportunity to own my own business. It is a great feeling to connect my clients with great candidates and to know that my team and I were able to serve them.

Overall, I have had great success within my roles here at IDR.  I haven’t just had success because I work hard and get the job done, but in my opinion, my success has come from the team atmosphere with IDR and the fact that every person in this company wants their neighbor to succeed.  Being in sales creates competition and sometimes friction.  IDR makes a great effort to show the overall result is one of a team, not an individual.  Although we are recognized individually for our wins and successes, the team has the overall goal and that’s what makes the difference.

I do not consider what I do a job, but something I love to do.  Being able to come into this office everyday and work with some of my best friends for the same overall goal, is not only motivating but inspirational. This experience has been extremely impactful thus far, and I can not wait to see where it takes from me here. Thanks IDR fam!!

If you’re interested in learning more about working for IDR, please apply here!

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