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Innovative IT

Last week, Brad Power wrote a blog post for the Harvard Business Review. The title of the post was “Look to IT for Process Innovation?” Being in IT Recruiting, we were interested in the article.

Power goes on to ask companies how many of them are tapping into their IT departments for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking. He addresses the many companies who keep their IT organizations to themselves by saying, “If this is you, you’re likely missing out on the product and process ingenuity of your IT people. Just consider how Nationwide and ING have tapped the brains of their IT organizations. What they’ve done provides lessons for broader organizational change and adaptation.”

We are excited for the future of IT and even more excited that business leaders are seeing the power of IT and harnessing that power. Has your company tapped into a process for innovation? Was your IT department involved?

Check out the full article on the Harvard Business Review and let us know your thoughts!

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