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Turning the Interview Upside Down

Are you considering a job change, perhaps even a career change? Before making a major life shift, do your research. And who better to approach than those you admire who are currently in the field?

Contact those who have companies in an industry you’re considering joining. Explain that they are a company you have admired from a distance and would like to learn more about them. Ask them for 15 minutes of their time for an informational interview. Be punctual and prepared, and stick to your time window. Take notes and be sure they know you value their time and advice. Send a thank you note. Do everything within your power to leave a lasting, positive impression.

Some questions you may consider asking:
What makes your company distinctive?
What are the trends you see coming in this industry?
What are some attributes you look for in those you hire?
What would you recommend I do to be prepared to work in a company
like yours? (training, connections, etc.)

You may find out you have personality traits that do not lend themselves to this career path. Or you may find out you have two years of hard work to have the chops for the rigors of the company. Either way, you’ve made a contact who may be helpful when you want to make a switch down the road. Knowledge is a great help in finding the right career and the proper job within the career field.

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