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Influence Your Company Culture (For the Better)

There are a lot of positives to being part of a company that provides benefits, compensation, and other perks–it’s also a great tool to use for recruiting. Despite those concrete elements, it’s the intangibles that make a happy and healthy company culture.

A recent study that investigated core beliefs and culture found that executives and employees find workplace culture to be more important than business excess.  However, there is some discrepancy about what is essential to creating a positive work environment.

Both parties believe that engaged and motivated employees are a top factor in contributing to success, yet executives put more emphasis on tangibles such as compensation whereas employees stressed attributes such as candid communication, recognition, and access to management.

Transparency has been found as another way to boost corporate culture.  This goes a long way in encouraging engagement with employees.  Including them in the decision making process and why they’re being made creates a sense of relevance and worth.

Culture is what holds a company together.  Ideal cultures are companies where employees understand that they have a direct impact on the success of a company.  Communication and transparency leave a much more lasting impression than perks such as compensation and financial bonuses.

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