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Incentives To Keep Your Job

With a downward economy, it should be easy to keep employees. However, one company after another struggles with job retention through these years. Finding the right employees for your organization is not the easiest task.

A company out of Charleston, SC is offering monetary incentives to keep their employees. CNN Money reports on SIB Development and Consulting who offers $50,000 in a cash bonus for employees who are with the company for 5 years. Do you have real commitment? They also offer $250,000 bonus for employees who stay with the company for 25 years.

Every company wants their all-star employees to stay with them for 25 years. But unless companies are willing to better the lives of their employees in some way, those great employees are going to try to find happiness with another company.

At IDR, we work to create an corporate culture that employees love. Their success within the company and their appreciation for the culture we have created are what will keep the right people with us. Our Corporate Athlete Program, book club, leadership training, and health and wellness programs are just a few of the ways we chose to give back to our employees. These incentives are just a few of the reasons so many of our employees stay with us. Even when employees choose to go elsewhere, we know they are not the right fit for our culture.

While each company may have a different way to entice their employees to stick around, it is great to see companies stand up to keep their all-star employees around! If every company in America would value their employees enough to spend their time and money to offer more than a desk from 9-5, we could transform the work place as we know it.

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