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Improve Your Memory

Have you ever gotten up from your desk to do something but by the time you’re halfway to where your need to be, you’ve forgotten why you got up in the first place? You feel silly, but with all the stuff you have bouncing around in your head during the day, your capacity to remember everything is going to take a hit.

Do you need some new tricks to get stuff to stick? Here are some great tips that will help you keep your brain on track.

Create a routine

Simply put, do the same thing with the same stuff.  If your boss sends you and important email, assign it to a folder where you keep all your critical information.  That way when you need to recall it quickly, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Eat the right food

There’s plenty of proof out there that certain foods enriched with special antioxidants and vitamins improve your memory.  Foods like blueberries, salmon and even dark chocolate are just a few tasty options to keep handy.

Write Things Down

Smart phones and tablets are convenient to help you take notes and keep records.  However, they are not the best tool for remembering what’s important.  This is where a classic pen and paper comes in handy.  It’s far easier to remember and recall information when you actually write it down.

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