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How Your Daily Routine Affects Your Career

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

If the above quote is true, what does that mean for our daily routines? Do you make conscious efforts to include activities that will make you better at what you do and set you up for success when career advancing opportunities arise? Here are a few great habits to get into:

1. Read Industry Related News

Stay current with whats going on in your world. This will help you be better at your trade and be able to hold you own when those conversations come up.

2. Nourish Your Network

Send out at least a handful of messages a week to people within your network. These could be just to check in on them, congratulate them on something they recently accomplished (Google alerts help a ton here), or ask them a question in which they have expertise.

3. Follow Through

Get in the habit of finishing the things that you start. Have an idea? Write it down and continue to make steps to develop it on a regular basis. Did you tell someone you would do something for them? Do it. And do it faster than they expected.

4. Grow

Find a way to pour into yourself. That may be finding a mentor, joining a support group, reading material, etc.

5. Exercise

Physical fitness has long been linked to productivity and your overall well-being. Get in the habit of exercising or participating in physical activity several times a week.

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