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How to Write an Email That Will Actually be Read

We share email tips a good bit here. It’s because email is now a part of our daily lives and effective communication is so crucial to success. Today, we share some insight on how to put together an email that is visually engaging and easy to read. You’ve received painfully long and chunky emails– don’t send them. Here’s how:

Bullets/Lists: If you have a list of information or tasks you need to communicate, use lines or bullets rather than commas to separate those items. This will improve readability drastically.

Breaks: Have a lot of content to send? Don’t send it in one paragraph block. Instead, break up ideas by making a literal break in your copy. Five short blocks of text are much more appealing and easy to digest than one, huge lump of information.

Bold: Used sparingly and strategically, bolding certain sentences or pieces of information will leave a more lasting impression and bring more clarity to your objective. Is there a sentence that acts as the “bottom line” of your message or request? Don’t let the reader miss it.

Call to action: State your objective plainly and don’t leave room for ambiguity when you are asking someone to do something for you. If their task is clear, it will be much simpler for that person to complete the request you are asking of them.

These may be simple suggestions, but their impact will likely be significant. Give them a try!

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