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How to Write a Mission Statement

Over the past few months we have highlighted many of our employees’ mission statements. We have been empowered, encouraged, and pushed to excel by reading their proclamations. Now are you ready to write your own?

As we have talked about in various places, there are many reasons why a mission statement is important for your life. For starters, there is true benefit in speaking something. We have all heard the story of the husband who never told his wife he loved her once they got married. When the wife asked her husband why he never told her he loves her he replied, “I told you the day we got married.”

We need to hear things. And we need reminders.

Writing your mission statement allows you to not only share it with others but to also have it easily accessible to yourself for reminders of what you want for your life. It gives you something to live up to.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing your mission statement:

1. Your mission statement may not be where you are. This is not a summary of how you live your life but rather how you strive to live your life. Who is your audience, what are your goals, what is the big picture, etc…
2. Do not limit yourself. Your mission statement can be both personal and professional. Do not be afraid to challenge yourself. Push yourself beyond where you are now and how far you think you can go.
*Note: while you want to push yourself, your mission statement should be tangible. So, “world peace” may not be your best option. Instead try, “I will strive to change lives around me by being a peacemaker.”*
3. This is a living document. It will change, evolve, and adapt as you move through different stages in life. I encourage you to review it once a year. This will serve as a reminder, as well as highlight the places you need to work on.

Are you going to write a mission statement? We would love if you would share it with us!

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