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How to Make an Awesome First Impression

It isn’t groundbreaking news that people judge each other.  This is especially true when you meet someone for the first time.  More often than not, people are able to move past their initial thoughts to form a final opinion.

However, it’s good to know that people are going to make assumptions when they meet you for the first time.  It’s natural to want to make a good first impression, so here are some tips on how to make a good first impression no matter what the situation.

Set Intentions

This is especially useful for attending events like conferences, networking events, or even a party at a friends house.  While you’re getting ready, ask yourself, “what kind of people do I want to meet?” and “what kind of conversations do I want to have?”  This will keep you focused and grounded on the energy you want to have at the event.


As humans, we are very visual.  Clothes, make-up, jewelry are strongly taken into account when people are making judgments when meeting for the first time.  Try putting on some of your favorite outfits and asking a few friends you trust what they think when they first see them.

Body Language

This is crucial.  How you sit, stand, walk, and so on can determine a lot about what a person thinks about you.  What’s great though, is that even the most simple awareness of what your body is doing can lead to immediate improvements.

Steer Clear on Bad Days

If you’ve had a bad day, other people can usually pick up on it.  Even if we’re trying to hide feelings of anger, anxiety or sadness, they show up in what we say and how we carry ourselves.  If you’re in a bad mood, stay home! Or if you want to snap yourself out of it, try getting a nice workout in or watching funny YouTube videos.

Interesting and Interested

You want to meet new people and learn about who they are, if that’s true then that will come across when you meet them for the first time.  It’s very easy to tell when someone doesn’t want to be somewhere and is just counting the minutes till it’s time to leave.  Also, be genuinely interested in who someone is when you meet them.  This is contagious and they will reciprocate your interest.


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