How to Keep your IT Contract Job

We have several articles on finding an IT contract job here on the IDR Blog, but we haven’t talked at all about what to do to keep your IT contract job once you land it. There are some things you can do to set yourself apart once you land that IT contract job you have been searching for.

How to keep that IT Contract Job

  • Be early, every day. – It might sound too simple, but if you come in 15 minutes early everyday you will have time to get settled, grab a cup of coffee, and be ready to work at your official start time.
  • Keep your work area tidy. – Nothing can help you more than keeping a clean desk. While you are on a contract you are in a strange sort of office limbo. You have space, but you are a guest in the office. Keeping your area clean and neat will display your sensitivity to their space.
  • Ask for other ways to help out. – Just because you were hired to do one IT function doesn’t mean you have no other skills. If you have expertise in other areas ask superiors how you can help them with some of their other pain points.
  • Ask for feedback on a regular basis. – Your company may have good processes in place for feedback, but many companies do not do this well, especially in the IT space. Ask your superior to give you some feedback on your IT Contract Job performance.