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Four Don’ts of Leadership

Leadership can be defined in a variety of ways and look very differently from person-to-person. However, as a leader, there are certain habits that you want to steer clear from that may be harmful to your team or organization.

Don’t let the past affect the future

Creatures of habit tend to stick with what works trying to relive and recreate past successes.  The challenge is that we are only as good as our greatest success and can’t accomplish anything greater.  Allow the present to be an opportunity for a greater victory.

Don’t build your vision with people, it’s the other way around.

There is a fine line between a leader and a ruler.  For starters, how do you view the people who work for you? As a leader, you should strive to lift these people up, not control them.

Don’t ignore the small things.

Every win is a win, no matter how big or small.  Celebrate the individual victories of the people you lead.

Don’t lose sight of your passion.

It’s the fuel that keeps you going, especially on the tough days.  Losing sight of your true passion is the beginnings of an organization that’s falling apart.

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